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Location: Jamestown, TN

Years Active: 2012-Present

Genre: Gospel Bluegrass

Event Flyer:

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Higher Ground has been traveling the area since the August of 2012. Kris and wife Robin Terry, along with mandolin player Blake Waters, and former bass player Kent Nance, began the group while casually playing music at home one evening, with no real intention of the turning into what it is today. We played at our first church in nearby Morgan Co just a couple weeks later. Since then, it has been a steady stream of appointments, fulfilling nearly 60 appointments this year.

It is great to be able to do something you love, while at the same time, feel that you are doing a small part to help others along this journey.

In 2014, we had a desire to add a banjo to the sound, and that spot was filled by Isaac Huling of Deer Lodge, TN. He has been a great addition and totally transformed the sound that we had at the time.

In late 2016, Kent was led to become pastor of a local church, so we were on the look for a new bass player. The Lord answered that call with a fellow church member of Isaacs', Nicole Brock. What a blessing she has been. Once again our sound transformed to something even better. She also shares lead and backup vocalist duties with Kris, while playing the upright bass.

Isaacs' dad, Tony Huling, while pastoring their church, also joins us a majority of the time, playing Dobro, and adding his vocals, while sharing his knowledge and experience as a key member of Victory Bluegrass for over 30 years.

We hope to continue this journey for a long time, and hope you can join us along the way!!

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 Recent Shows:

90.9 Gospel Jubilee

Heritage Festival

Christmas on The Mountain

Williamsburg Gospel Barn 


Firemans Fourth Festival

Fentress Co Fair

Haunting in the Hills Festival

Spring Planting Festival


Guitar/Vocals: Kris Terry

Vocals: Robin Terry

Bass/ Vocals: Nicole Brock

Banjo/Vocals: Isaac Huling

Mandolin/ Vocals: Blake Waters

Dobro/ Vocals: Tony Huling



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